Doug Lindsay

Our Mission:

Applying science and art to rare and complex conditions.


Apply Doug’s approach to your situation

Doug Lindsay has a gift for solving seemingly-intractable problems, and now he hopes to help steer other patients with hard-to-treat diseases on a path towards a better life.

"I got help from people and now I want to help others."


How to work with doug:

Personal Medical Consulting

Work with Doug in an in-depth, year-long engagement. Doug has room for a handful of clients – currently 3 spots available. Inquire with the form below.

skype coaching calls

Get help with new ideas and strategies for your condition - series of Skype calls for engaged patients to re-invigorate your medical journey. Currently scheduling clients. Due to high demand, please expect delays in schedule availability. Begin the booking process with the form below.

online learning

Coming soon. Sign up for educational emails while Doug creates his online curriculum for patient empowerment. We’ll notify you when it’s ready. Just fill out the form below and we’ll keep you informed.


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While my team and I continue to try to work out how to feasibly connect with you individually, I’ll be sharing some vital lessons in emails from the Lindsay Center. I’ve used these lessons in my work and they apply across the medical field. When you fill out my inquiry form, I’ll start sharing these with you in the mean time.


I have two questions for you:

1: What do you do when you get a diagnosis?

2: What one thing could you change in your communications style to be better heard by your doctors?

Watch Doug address these topics at this panel discussion: